I have recently been cheating on games development, I hereby confess to having been involved in a secret love affair with web development. In all seriousness though, I have started to lose interest in games programming in favour of web development, not to bash games development in any way, as I have deeply enjoyed working on some of the games I have, from coding AI behaviour, to smashing my keyboard in frustration when a in-game bug won't get fixed ... etc. I do believe that games coding and specifically graphics programming and AI can offer some of the most "intense" coding challenges and can be lots of fun. However, web development seems like the more attractive choice for me right now for many reasons I won't delve into right now, "webdev" is the new girl in class if you will.

Therefore, I have decided to dedicate some of my time to write about it here (although, I will be moving this blog to my website that I am working on right now).


This will be my first attempt in writing a subjective, opinionated, casual and diary styled blog, what ever that means. the plan is to have mainly two types of posts, general web development posts, where I discuss findings, research and other posts/videos of relevant personalities within the field, and progress report posts, where I let you in on my "behind the scenes" and what I'm working on or what I'm learning at certain times of the moon.

I am very new to this, so I will need some tolerance when it comes to writing quality, however, with some dedication, I believe the quality should improve in no time. I will attempt to stick to consistent two posts per week schedule (the initial posts will be written after the math of about two months, as they are notes on my notebook as we speak).


I now prefer web development over games', therefore, I will dedicating all of my time to learning it and I will be writing about it in this blog.

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