Where have I been ?

Hello there, you might be wondering why I haven't been active recently. Well, a couple of things.

First off, I had been working on revamping toastedbuns.co.uk, which is the website for a podcast show that I now regularly do with my good friend Peter (I would put a link to twitter or something except he is off of all social media now). I implemented the website using Gatsby (see more on this in 'Work') and changed the layout of it a little bit and made it look better.

One other thing that I have been working on which I'm super excited to talk about is Youtube. No, I haven't been bingewatching Youtube videos (as much as I love doing that), but I have been CREATING Youtube videos.

I always followed coding tutorials on Youtube and thought greatly of the people who made them, as they encourage everyone to start coding. But I realized that there is so much more and there are course ideas missing from Youtube. There are certain things that for you to implement you have to read blog posts, check stackoverflow and subreddits... etc. So I thought there is a 'piece of the pie' for me in it (if you will).

So basically, I have started a Youtube channel called Classsed where I teach people how to code and build cool web applications using the most fitting tech and with good practice and explaining programming concepts in a way that eveyone can understand.

For now, this channel will be my continious side project and with time and more courses that I'm planning to create and release, I expect it to grow and make me rich and famous haha.

Happy New Year !! :)

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