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Flow - Book Review

Flow is a brilliant book on how to achieve happiness through focus and imersion in everyday life. By dedicating our full mental capacities to what ever we are doing in that moment, we enter a state of FLOW which both enhances our productivity and improves our mental well being, pick up this book when you get the chance, it's great.

the WAR of ART - Book Review

I deeply enjoyed and learned a lot from this book, I hope you pick it up if you haven't yet and dive into because I think a lot of the underlying mechanisms of resistance (procrastination) are unknown to most people, and learning them helps us avoid falling into it to achieve our maximum work efficiency most of the time. Thank you for reading and watching :)

Book review: How to win friends and influence people

Transcript of the video:So, I decided to start this video series where I take books that I read and talk about them basically, review them, say what I liked about them, what I’ve learned from them and why you should read them.The basic premise is I would talk about what I learned from these books or what they are trying to teach and it’s you to figure out whether this book is right for you or not…

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