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A website that exposes El Wafa and Geimexport's products, information about the company and contact details for whoever wants to get in touch

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El Wafa and Geimexport joint trading company reached for me to design, develop and deploy a new website for them.

After talking to them, I got the idea that they wanted a website that included information about:

  • The products they sell.
  • Contact details and addresses of their outlets.
  • General information about the company.
  • A admin panel for managin content on the website.


After some green tea and brainstorming, I decided that the home page should include:

  • Full page images on landing.
  • A mini 'About us' section.
  • A carousel of the latest products added.
  • Cards of the outlets that the company operates.

The less demanded and used content like the contact form, extended 'about us' and all products, all of which were segregated into their own page to not clutter the home page with too much information that can confuse users.



Here's a list of the tech that I decided was best fit to realise this project:

  • Laravel: server and client-side framework
    • Fast relational data queries (PHP)
    • Fast and convenient data input/output (Blade templating engine)
    • Great functionalities for testing with data (Eloquent & Artisan)

  • Bootstrap: CSS framework
    • Fantastic grid system
    • Ease of implementing responsive design

  • Owl carousel: Cool js carousel library
    • Easy and flexible to implement carousel
    • Totally responsive
    • Why reinvent the wheel ?

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