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A statically generated SEO friendly website that hosts the weekly podcast ToastedBuns, the site also shows blog posts created by my friend Peter

toasted buns

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Myself and my friend Peter decided to start a podcast for fun every Sunday evening so I can took on the task of creating a website for it.

The website should allow users to:

  • Read all blog posts.
  • Listen to all the episodes of our podcast.
  • Browse blog posts and podcast by category (tags).
  • Find all our social media links.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Watch our Youtube videos.


ToastedBuns does not need a database or any user login/register functionality, just some way of storing the blog posts and the podcast sound files.

It being a blog made focusing on SEO a priority, therefore choosing a solution that optimises for SEO and crawlability was paramount.

However, having it still be an SPA would make its UX much more seamless.

A solution that covered both was to implement a statically generated single page application. Said application must address meta tags, keywords, page load speed and all the other SEO checklist points.


  • gatsby
  • react
  • aws s3
  • cloudfront
  • circleci
  • Sass

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